Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is exploding into IT infrastructures everywhere. Touted as the way to deliver greater efficiencies and innovative applications, it's hard to ignore the benefits cloud computing represents. But despite all the promise and hype, can you trust just any cloud with your mission critical applications? What about security and regulatory concerns?

The network has always been seen as an important IT infrastructure element. But with cloud computing, the network becomes part of the application. VoiceStep uses our networking expertise to bring cloud service providers and cloud service users together over a network cloud optimized for your unique needs.

Cloud Computing Solution – How You Benefit

  • One size cloud does not fit all users. VoiceStep gives you a choice – Public, Private or Hybrid.
  • Avoid getting locked into a cloud solution that's more (or less) than you need. You pick the cloud services that are right for you. VoiceStep can connect you.
  • Optimize your application performance. With VoiceStep, you aren't stuck with the economical – yet uncertain – public cloud.

Cloud Computing Solution – How It Works

  • Public cloud connectivity available via one of the world's largest core Internet backbones
  • Private cloud options including dedicated MPLS, Private Line and Wavelength connections
  • Hybrid solutions that can incorporate our entire portfolio of connectivity options
  • IP Converged solutions to further multiply the economic benefits of the cloud