Converged Data & Voice

No matter how small or large, all businesses share a single imperative: growth. As you add employees or branch locations, managing multiple communication services can become both expensive and cumbersome. Multiple access circuits, limited bandwidth, and complicated phone systems all can result in increased costs, decreased efficiency, and major pain with each expansion.

A Converged Data and Voice solution helps eliminates these headaches and their excess costs. There is no need to squander time and money on services that are not used to their full potential, or to waste employee talent on tasks that aren’t part of your core business. Convergence allows you to run voice, Internet, and private data on one circuit. This means you only see one bill, and only pay for bandwidth and services you are actually using. Growth becomes as simple as an upgrade.

Converged Data and Voice Solution – How You Benefit

  • Simplicity that enables you to focus on your core business
  • Reduced expenses with bundled pricing and single access circuit
  • Increased efficiency with dynamic bandwidth allocation and aggregate trunking across locations
  • Flexibility that supports ever-changing business requirements

Converged Data and Voice Solution – How It Works
Convergence combines voice, Internet, and private data onto a single circuit, so businesses can eliminate multiple connections and service bills. It’s fully managed and traffic is prioritized, so business applications run as smoothly as before. The model supports single or multiple locations, and is available with legacy or modern equipment.