Data Center Networking

Virtualization, rising density of computers, data storage growth, geographic expansion and increasingly stringent government regulations all add up to more demands on your data center. Add to this increased reliance on network-based applications, cloud computing and even Voice over IP and you end up with a perfect storm of high demands and no room for mistakes.

VoiceStep specializes in delivering robust connectivity that can support network-intensive and bandwidth-hungry applications throughout the enterprise. We’ll collaborate with you to design the best solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Data Center Networking Solutions – How You Benefit

  • Comprehensive portfolio of services to meet your most demanding requirements
  • Highly secure connections to meet your privacy and regulatory needs
  • Converged options to allow you to drive value and efficiency; enabling you to do more with less
  • True business continuity: customized and collaborative physical network route design and grades of protection switching

Data Center Networking – How It Works

  • High-reliability backbone delivering network services: SONET, MPLS, Wavelengths and Managed Fiber
  • Fully managed optical networks to support synchronous and asynchronous storage data replication and mirroring
  • Dark fiber solutions with or without managed equipment
  • High bandwidth with room to grow: bandwidth from 1G to greater than 40G, dedicated to a single customer's current application traffic mix
  • Resource reservation through bandwidth blocks