data services

Some companies focus solely on connectivity. Some innovate for innovation's sake. Others build massive networks, but lack true performance. When they're all done pitching your business, it's clear what they overlooked: you.

At VoiceStep, your needs are the focal point for every service you receive. We balance superior connectivity with customer connections. We combine practical, innovative technology with one-on-one collaboration to help you get measurable results and stay competitive. And in every service, we build in the flexibility and security you require — regardless of your company's size or industry.

  • internet services

    Your Internet solution should be hardworking, reliable and designed to grow with your business. Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service gives you a link to one of the world's largest and most connected Internet backbones. And after all, communication via the Internet is the way business gets done. 

  • Private Line Services

    Security and reliability – the foundation for communicating sensitive information and business continuity. Offering unmatched privacy, our Private Line architecture provides diverse paths for transport and immediate restoration, in the event of an outage, while taking advantage of the enhanced operational, administration, maintenance and provisioning SONET enables.

  • virtual private network

    The network inside the walls of your business needs to run the applications that allow your organization to maximize productivity. And it needs to scale easily and support convergence now or in the future. Another thing: security is essential. Running separate from the public Internet, we deliver personalized enterprise-class metro and wide-area network services over a private, dedicated Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) infrastructure.

  • converged network

    Simplify your business while reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Our Converged Network provides a cutting edge solution that merges our video, data and voice services on a single access circuit. This flexible solution also enables you to securely communicate with your mobile workforce and manage your network. Bottom line: Converging services reduces access cost.