Secure and efficient Internet connectivity is a critical driver for the growth or your business. Not only must your organization provide an excellent online experience for your customers you must also ensure that your employees have access to the information they need quickly and securely. VoiceStep helps your customers and employees gain quick and reliable access wherever they are.

It doesn't matter if you are a small shop or a giant corporation; your company needs speed and scalability. And just like you, your data has places to be, so our 24 x 7 operations center makes sure it gets there without delay. High-speed and worry-free – just how your Internet access should be.

And there is no need for concern about the transition to IPv6. We can help you prepare.

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service combines vital business Internet features with maximum global reach and scalability. This can be a standalone service or combined with other services.

Our High Speed IP (HSIP) offering is a dedicated wholesale high-speed Internet service that rides on a continuously upgradeable IP network – perfect for high-bandwidth customers.

Internet Access Benefits

  • Redundant, self-healing IP architecture keeps your critical business applications up and running.
  • Access end-to-end reliability on our privately-owned and managed fiber infrastructure, which enables proactive capacity monitoring and problem resolution.
  • With access of up to 10 GigE at our edge servers, you can get lower costs, simpler management and scalability that allow your service to grow with your business.
  • Get one of the fastest routes to the most important Internet destinations.

Internet Access Service Details

  • Proven performance
  • IP port speeds that range from DS-1 to 10 GigE
  • High-speed Internet provider with high-quality, high-capacity Tier 1 IP service across North America and Europe