Solutions customized for your unique business needs. Whether you're leveraging VoIP, SIP trunking or other local inbound services, we can help you gain the features you want, the coverage you need, and the cost savings you're looking for compared to traditional services. Explore how we've got your local calling needs covered with our Local Inbound services.

  • Local Inbound

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has transformed the world of local voice services, allowing you to quickly enter new markets and build profits with minimal investment. Yet as attractive as this new technology can be, the wrong implementation can mean frustrated users and lost opportunities. You need to team with the right VoIP provider. Operating a network purpose-built for VoIP services, VoiceStep is the voice service provider you can trust.

  • Enhanced Local Inbound

    To compete in the growing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market, you need to provide the service features and high-quality experience businesses and consumers nationwide have come to expect, while controlling overhead costs and meeting compliance. With VoIP Enhanced Local service from VoiceStep, you can do all of this and more. You get access to the most coverage available from one trusted provider and a fully bundled, FCC-compliant solution that lets you choose the features you want to deliver — all with minimal capital expenditures.

  • International Inbound

    A local connection is a critical asset for companies whether doing business across the street or across the world. Having that local service is a key attribute to making sure your customers can contact you when they need to. This also provides key points of presence in countries where you do business.

  • SIP Trunking

    Much is being said about the power and potential of SIP trunking. However, not all SIP trunking solutions are created equal. It can be delivered over a variety of technologies, and not all of them are optimized or can support the full range of benefits the technology can provide. VoiceStep delivers services over one of the first networks built for VoIP, which means our next-generation voice services are designed to provide service capability for today and tommorow's needs. You get the reliability and features you need to lower costs and unify your communications.

  • Virtual PBX

    A virtual IP-PBX is a hosted (provided outside your company) service that uses IP (Internet Protocol ) to provide PBX (Private Branch Exchange, or phone system) functionality. In shorter terms, a hosted IP-PBX, or hosted VoIP PBX, is a business-class phone service provided over the internet.