products & services

products & services

With true partnership, communication technology turns from a necessity into an asset. People and information connect faster. Efficiency increases. Costs decrease. 

That's the kind of partnership our customers receive. It all starts with a simple act: listening. Tell us your vision, challenges or needs. Then we explore where our services and proven, world-class network can help. And from business Internet to secure virtual private networks (VPN), from voice and managed services to the latest content delivery, you'll receive the same commitment to partnership.

  • data services

    Reliable connectivity is critical to businesses of every size. We match our technology to your needs so you get secure, cost-effective data services that are right for your industry and customers.

  • voice services

    Experience matters. VoiceStep has been delivering leading VoIP connectivity for more than a decade, helping businesses like yours cut costs, converge networks and improve communications.

  • Colocation Services

    For most businesses, building an expensive facility to host your Internet infrastructure requires significant capital and personnel. The demands on an organization for procurement, deployment, management and maintenance of the data center to provide a high level of uptime can incur significant capex and opex costs. VoiceStep allows companies to rely on our fully managed colocation services to focus and grow their business.

  • Managed Services

    There is a common theme across IT departments these days: do more with less.  Streamlining processes is important, but it is an expectation and not a rewarded accomplishment. The explosion of bandwidth-intensive applications and big data has created a new strain on IT to effectively support the innovative solutions of tomorrow.