Your strategies, evolving needs and business — that’s why we build our solutions. We combine partnership and performance across a comprehensive portfolio to give you a reliable, one-stop resource for your network communication needs. And our network offers industry-leading availability, coverage and flexibility. Learn more about how we are enabling technology solutions such as unified communications, data center services, content delivery, voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud computing

  • VoIP Migration

    No one would consider using a telegraph to provide data center connectivity. Yet the basic technology used for our public telephone systems has been around since the time of the telegraph. However, data transmission has evolved. Instead of continuing to rely on older technology, it might be time to migrate to a VoiceStep Telecom Voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

  • Contact Centers

    Your contact center is the front door to your enterprise. With each call, you can establish a new relationship, reinforce brand loyalty and increase revenue. Or not. That’s why implementing a contact center solution that makes it easier to create a stellar experience is critical to your competitive edge. The solution you choose needs to help reduce total cost of ownership, give insight into each customer experience and enable you to scale as your business grows.

  • Prepaid Calling Services

    Prepaid telecommunications services made their big debut when prepaid calling cards were introduced back in the late 1980s. Service providers who offered these cards realized there was a large untapped market of "financially challenged" users eager to pay for services in advance, and prepaid services expanded from simple calling cards to prepaid mobile, prepaid local, prepaid Internet, and a host of prepaid enhanced services.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is exploding into IT infrastructures everywhere. Touted as the way to deliver greater efficiencies and innovative applications, it's hard to ignore the benefits cloud computing represents. But despite all the promise and hype, can you trust just any cloud with your mission critical applications? What about security and regulatory concerns?

  • Content Delivery

    Whether it’s online video streaming, large file storage, caching, downloads or more, VoiceStep can keep you ahead of the game with the powerful our Content Delivery Network (CDN)  service. Your customers might access your content over televisions, computers or mobile devices, but regardless of how they access it, they want it now. And VoiceStep can deliver it.

  • Converged Data & Voice

    No matter how small or large, all businesses share a single imperative: growth. As you add employees or branch locations, managing multiple communication services can become both expensive and cumbersome. Multiple access circuits, limited bandwidth, and complicated phone systems all can result in increased costs, decreased efficiency, and major pain with each expansion.

  • Data Center Networking

    Virtualization, rising density of computers, data storage growth, geographic expansion and increasingly stringent government regulations all add up to more demands on your data center. Add to this increased reliance on network-based applications, cloud computing and even Voice over IP and you end up with a perfect storm of high demands and no room for mistakes.