Virtual & Cloud Services

There is a common theme across IT departments these days: do more with less.  Streamlining processes is important, but it is an expectation and not a rewarded accomplishment. The explosion of bandwidth-intensive applications and big data has created a new strain on IT to effectively support the innovative solutions of tomorrow.

Businesses can stay ahead in a demanding industry with help from our virtual and cloud data center services. VoiceStep Dynamic Enterprise Computing service offers a secure, on-demand compute and storage environment designed to help you improve processes and boost cost efficiencies. Your IT staff can now focus on the needs of your core business, while we provide a flexible, virtual computing environment and resources that help optimize and grow your business.

Virtual & Cloud Service Benefits

  • Streamline processes with platform, database and operating system management
  • Pay for what you use with guaranteed resource availability with VoiceStep Dynamic Enterprise Computing capabilities
  • Easily change requirements with business seasonality, thanks to flexible, customizable model configurations
  • Simplify with a one-stop global provider that provides a comprehensive service portfolio
  • Get peace of mind from secure, ICT Environment: combine multi-layered security services with redundant compute and networking technologies  
  • Utilize dedicated  server configurations

Virtual & Cloud Service Details

  • VoiceStep Dynamic Enterprise Computing offers guaranteed resource availability with no flat fees for unused capacity
  • Rapid time-to-market and 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Full access to a  range of bandwidth speeds from anywhere to meet your current needs
  • Centralized managed security platform with full suite of virtual security services
  • On-demand access to detailed reports and service monitoring through our portal
  • VoiceStep Dedicated Dynamic Enterprise Computing service also available

*Available in select regions