VoIP Migration

 No one would consider using a telegraph to provide data center connectivity. Yet the basic technology used for our public telephone systems has been around since the time of the telegraph. However, data transmission has evolved. Instead of continuing to rely on older technology, it might be time to migrate to a VoiceStep Voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

Making the move to VoIP isn’t just a change to upgraded equipment; it’s a paradigm shift.  A properly implemented migration plan with the right VoIP service provider will enable your organization to reap the many benefits of VoIP service and will place you on a path that avoids technology obsolescence. You need a partner that has the experience to help you navigate the many options and implement a voice service strategy with a focus on what you need, not on preserving someone else’s ‘cash cow.’

VoIP Migration Solution – How You Benefit

  • Discover peace of mind by working with an industry leader in VoIP solutions. From the beginning, VoiceStep helped set the standard for VoIP innovation and service. More than 10 years later, we remain a leading, trusted provider with an extensive 96% U.S. telephone number coverage in addition to global coverage of 50+ countries.
  • Save money by reducing communications maintenance costs.
  • Deliver new services faster without large capital and network expenses.
  • If you’re a carrier, you can increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships by offering our VoIP services to your customers.

VoIP Migration Solution – How It Works

  • Our Softswitch technology, IP core backbone and impressive footprint combine to make one of the most advanced VoIP platforms in the world.
  • VoiceStep provides a true end-to-end VoIP solution which provides for better reliability and performance for your VoIP traffic.
  • With a robust TDM platform, we can switch your existing platform now and help migrate to VoIP moving forward.